About us

TissuePro Technology is a manufacturer of tissue preparation and analysis products for the scientific, educational research, medical, biomedical and pharmaceutical markets. 

Our goals are to help the scientists/researchers in university/hospital/biomedical/pharmaceutical industries in tissue preparation or analysis by providing highest quality products, prompt delivery and outstanding services.

We offer to you our outstanding selection of buffer, fixative and chemicals solution for histology. We also are offering the service for processing the histology and tissue analysis and research consultant. Comparing to other competitor we could provide the better quality and cheaper products.

We are also offering the products such as embalming solution that are more environmental friendly and less toxic that others embalming solution in the market today (patent pending). The other product is the anti-freeze solution (AFS) for tissue preservation that preserve your tissue sections for longer periods of time without losing the affinity when you are doing the immunohistochemistry.

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You can simply put your order through our website and put the necessary information. To place an order by phone, please have your billing and shipping address available, as well as your purchase order or catalogues number. You need to supply us with your credit card number and corresponding expiration date. Once your order is placed we will ship it to you within 24 hours.

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