About Founder

Dr. Irawan Satriotomo
Irawan Satriotomo got his MD degree from Faculty of Medicine, University of Gajah Mada, Indonesia and PhD degree in Neuroscience from Japan. After more than 20 years working in academia, he decide to establish “TissuePro Technologies” biomedical technology company that provides reagents and staining solutions for use throughout the biomedical, pharmaceutical industries and laboratories.

As a physician-scientist with a medical background, developing reagents and staining solutions to help expose the structures and anomalies in tissues or cells came natural to Irawan. He saw a need and positioned his company to be the low-cost competitor to giant biomedical industries. He currently manufactures his products in Gainesville, which allows Irawan and his team to closely monitor the quality and output.

His solution is low-cost alternative regents and staining solutions, with excellent quality, combined with a distribution channel strategy that focuses on utilizing his academic contacts at universities across the country. Currently, TissuePro Tech's products are available through our website, Amazon and Ebay.